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Mountain Dulcimer Designs by Kerry Coates
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Timeless Design -- Authentic History -- Rich Tradition

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I experienced a computer crash in Feb 2010 and I lost all my emails and all my email addresses in my address book.  If you had sent in updates to your festival or club information during that time, please check your listings to see if they were updated and let me know if they need changes.  Please also check your Books and CDs listings or any other listings that you might have requested that I update.  I am sorry for the inconvenience!!!

Since I quit building dulcimers, I am finally able to find the time to play the thing!!!  All other Dulcimer Accessory items are still available on this website.  I am continuing to maintain the rest of this website also including the festivals and clubs pages, etc.  Now that I have had time, I have had a chance to "clean house" so to speak.  I want to thank all my wonderful customers for their years of support.  I will continue to keep this website active and current.

"I posted a little video of your Gila Mountain Dulcimers on YouTube.  I'm sorry I'm not more proficient.  I've only been playing about a year.  But I truly do love my instrument."

-- Richard Latker
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  • Dulcimer Christmas Ornaments
  • Dulcimer T-Shirts
  • Dulcimer Earrings
  • Dulcimer Straps
  • MTN Dulcimer Hammers!
  • Sheet Music Stand
  • Sheet Music Holder
  • Dulcimer Noters
  • Dulcimer Note Cards
  • Pick'n Stick
  • Strum Stick
  • A'Stick
  • Dulcimer Picks
  • Music Clocks
  • Autoharps
  • Psalteries
  • Flutes
  • Humidifiers

"Pack Up Your Sorrows"
mountain dulcimer arrangement by Terry Duggins.....BUY IT!

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(All music on this website used with permission.)
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